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Organizational Development

I perceive organizational development as the design of processes and measurements that support planned change in organizations. The aim of organizational development is to optimize and make sustainable organizational systems and processes, to consciously form change as well as to improve organizational culture.


Questions that OD can answer:

  • How and in which direction can we act successfully in a changed market/environment?
  • How can we increase efficiency and results in a constantly changing environment?
  • How can we more efficiently organize ourselves internally?
  • How can we further develop as a learning organization?
  • How can we design internal collaboration cooperatively?
  • How can we face problems of intercultural collaboration?

Case history:

Establishing an international project as a locally acting NGO in Papua New Guinea. My assignment was to consult on and accompany this localization. In cooperation with the management team and the advisory board, the vision and strategy of the future NGO were developed, including political, economic, social and technological factors. During a capacity assessment, existing resources were audited and a development plan for the future organization and organizational members was created. In addition, a financing proposal for a 3 year period was worked out and corresponding negotiations with international donors were conducted. Governance training established the basis for building local management and future organizational regulations. In the period of transition, I assumed the functions of managing the new organization in the areas of finance, human resources and organizational management.


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