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LJMAP values Coaching (Life Journey Map)

The Life Journey Map® is a values measurement tool and an educational methodology for influencing meaningful change at the individual, group, and cultural level.  Based on the Life Journey Map ® clients identify their personal value system and thus learn what specific values ​​guide them to initiate meaningful human change.


Question LJMap values coaching can answer:

  • What career path can I follow  or how can I change my current situation to experience my career fulfilling and meaningful?
  • What is my personal mission statement and what career fields arise for me?
  • What is my personal field of meaning and how does this influence my leadership role?
  • How can I influence meaningful change in my team and my organization?

  • What is the potential for change in department?

Fields of LJMAP values coaching:

Values ​​are an abstract concept. It is generally accepted that they influence our behavior and decisions. Like a compass they give us guidance about what motivates us and how we approach problem solving and decision making.


LJMap Values coaching is well established in US and Sweden since 2000. Since August 2013 LJMAP Coaches in Austria support clients in order to:

  • learn their individual concerning, motivating and aspirational values
  • explore the personal area of growth
  • develop personal mission statements and career paths
  • learn how values ​​differences and diversity in groups play out and how to support values based problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • drive  values-based team and strategy development

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