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Human resource development

I perceive human resource development as the systematic advancement and development of organizational members, with the goal of supporting and enhancing job performance and satisfaction. Individual strengths are cultivated, discrepancies are solved sensibly and internal structures for the development of employees and management are established.


Questions that HRD can answer:

  • How can employees be supported meaningfully in their personal (career) development?
  • How can executive leaders be encouraged to take on their responsibility?
  • How can organizations cope productively with conflicts?
  • Which development processes and concepts fit with vision and strategy?
  • How should structures and tasks be anchored within the organization?
  • How can the organization improve cooperation and performance?

Case history:

Design and implementation of a program for young executive leaders in the financial sector in Austria. Together with the client, a modular program was developed where young leaders got to know their own strengths and learning fields within their role as leaders. Then they received the tools for leading employees, such as professional conversation techniques for underperformance and appraisal interviews. Afterwards, instruments for leading teams were developed, such as the delegation of complex tasks and the implementation of the executive function in the market. The economic components of leading were taught in specific modules.


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