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Conflict management and mediation

I perceive conflict as a state of tension in which the conflicting parties perceive a reciprocal inability to achieve their goals. Facing such a situation in a constructive manner is the task of conflict management. Conflict management and mediation follow a clearly structured process: identifying contrary opinions and themes, clearly defining the goal. revisiting the conflict history in detail, and creating a basis for further cooperation. If it turns out that the willingness to cooperate is irretrievably lost, I establish good "separating solutions" with the conflict parties. However, if the willingness to cooperate is here again, sound agreements are negotiated. 


Questions that conflict management and mediation can answer:

  • Who should be included in the conflict resolution processes?
  • How should organizations cope, in the case that conflicts massively constrain working ability?
  • What resolution possibilities exist in escalated conflicts?
  • How can a climate of cooperation be reestablished?
  • How can conflict mediation be trained internally?
  • Which options exist in the case of unsolvable conflicts?

Case History:

Conflict mediation in a highly escalated conflict in public administration in Austria. The challenge was to "smuggle" the involved conflict parties into the mediation process. In the first sessions the conflict parties laid out their desired results and objectives, then the conflict history was illuminated. Due to the high level of escalation, the ability to cooperate was reestablished in a framework of reconciliation, and common solutions were negotiated.


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