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Coaching, moderation and teambuilding

Coaching, moderation and team building are targeted measures to facilitate people’s further development within their professional context. These measures help teams to maintain and support cooperation and to reduce frictional losses. Through coaching, moderation and team building, development goals are defined and diverse techniques to reach them are used. 


Questions that coaching, moderation and teambuilding can answer:

  • In which direction can/do I want to develop professionally?
  • How can I cope with pressuring situations in the professional context?
  • How can groups and teams be brought to an intensive collaboration?
  • What can we do in order to "take the wrench out of the works" in collaboration?
  • How can we master complex tasks together?
  • How can we quickly and efficiently share information and deduce actions?

Case history:

Design and moderation of a team retreat for a civil engineering company in Germany. First, the goals and design of the retreat were established with the departmental head and a representative selection of team members. The team's most important objectives were to strengthen trust and improve cooperation. With participative group techniques, the team worked out concrete implementation plans. Through experimental learning methods, team strength was reflected and intensified.


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